I love surf clubs — work particular groups of exchanges, rack up bonus credits. I surf the Elite Surf Club traffic exchanges (Blue Surf, Royal Surf and Traffic Witch) daily, and the disappearance of Super Surf (a collaboration between StartXChange, I Love Hits, Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf and Traffic Dealer) awhile back left a surf-500-sites hole in my daily routine.

Now TimTech is back with “son of Super Surf”: Nerd Surf! Like Super Surf, Nerd Surf is a “sync”-style club — you have to surf four exchanges at the same time, and when you do you get a 10% bump at each of them. Just look for the pair of “nerd glasses” in the surf bar — if all four sites are open and those glasses are green, you’re earning extra credits for surfing. If not, click on the glasses to find out what the problem is.

The four exchanges: Sweeva, StartXChangeI Love Hits, and TimTech’s newest acquisition, ThumbVu.

Naturally, Nerd Surf has a ClickTrackProfit tie-in — your CTP username is part of what it uses to detect whether or not you’re surfing all four exchanges. That’s sweet for people marketing CTP itself, because it means a new wave of customers who weren’t enticed by the initial opportunity or by the opportunity to collect badges, but who love them some bonus credits. They may click on your CTP splash to get started, or you may get random referrals if you’re upgraded at CTP.

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