…. why my blog post flogging my ClickTrackProfit badge appears high on the first page of Google results for searches on “ClickTrackProfit.”

Here’s the reason:

Search engine optimization is not sufficient to create marketing success. A bare minimum of smart SEO, however, is necessary to creating marketing success.

The Fat-Free Guide to SEO Copywriting is that bare minimum and then some. Implementing its suggestions will cause your pages to appear higher in the search engine results. That will result in more trafffic (traffic you won’t get via traffic exchanges). And that, in turn, will result in more sales and referrals.

The Fat-Free Guide to SEO Copywriting paid for itself the first day, and has been making money for me ever since.

Just sayin’ …


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I'm not an "Internet Millionaire" or "marketing guru." If you're looking for fake Clickbank screen shots that "prove" I make a million bucks a week on the net, you've got the wrong guy. On the other hand, I've worked full-time / self-employed on the Intertubes for more than a decade now, so maybe I'm not completely clueless ...

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