As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a new traffic exchange in town. I didn’t name it or link it then, because I wanted to give my list members first shot at it and offer them some prizes for joining as my referral (I gave away more than 1,000 traffic exchange credits, btw … if you’re an action-taker, you can make out like a bandit by filling out that subscription form in the sidebar!).

Now that my list referral contest is over, I can tell you a little about WebsiteBlaze, the new exchange from well-known Internet Marketer Sean Supplee:


I’m not going to throw a bunch of hype at you: WebsiteBlaze isn’t “totally unique” or “a giant leap into new traffic exchange territory.”

It’s just a solid (after some rough spots on launch day, that is), graphically clean traffic exchange based on the popular LFMTE script, with one “twist” — it integrates “article marketing” by allowing members to upload their own articles and read articles by other members.

Free members get a 1:0.4 surf ratio (it may be “progressive” beyond that, but don’t bet the ranch on it, I’m just guessing); upgraded members get 1:1.

How will WebsiteBlaze perform over the long term? Based on Supplee’s reputation and the fact that the site overcame the launch day hits and got back in action ASAP, I’m guessing that it will still be around, with a stable/growing membership, a year from now.

Congratulations to Sean on getting the new site up and running. Check it out!

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