Really, I do. Both the tasty dessert variety and, as WordNet defines it, “a photograph of an attractive woman in minimal attire.” Or am I repeating myself?

Anyway, I’ve seen and heard various opinions of Andre Kryzanowski‘s cheesecake-oriented traffic exchange, Naughty Or Nice Traffic. Some people like it, some people don’t. Some people think it’s fun, some people think it’s “dirty” or even exploitative of women, or just that even though “sex sells,” it probably doesn’t sell very well in traffic exchange format.

After surfing the site quite a bit, I’m coming down on the side of “hey, it’s cool.” Different strokes for different folks, but let’s be honest: Lots of men, and at least some women, enjoy ”photographs of attractive women in minimal attire.”


I know porn when I see it (just trust me on that, okay?), and what Andre’s decorating his site with isn’t porn. It may or may not appeal to you (if it doesn’t, don’t join or surf there).  It may be exploitive, but not harmfully so in my opinion, and when you get right down to it, what isn’t exploitive? Some sites use pictures of guys in power suits driving Ferraris. Naughty or Nice uses pictures of girls popping out of cakes without much on. Either way, the models are being exploited. But I know which one I like to look at more.

And here’s the thing: It’s a good traffic exchange! It delivers the hits I earn, and it gives me a pretty good ratio of hits to clicks, and there are contests, prizes, rewards, etc. It’s a well-done traffic exchange that happens to have a niche theme (once again, what site doesn’t have some kind of theming?).

I like Naughty or Nice enough to make the kind of offer that I usually make only to my list (which you really should join anyway, hint, hint): Join as my referral, then contact me with a URL you’d like promoted, and I’ll send that URL at least 100 hits (from various exchanges, using my “promoting my referrals” TE Toolbox rotator).

See you there … if you dare!

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