[Top-Posting Here: I'd like to sell one ad -- we can talk about format and placement -- at We Have Ways of Making You Talk. The cost of that ad is $50 per year, and the purpose of selling it is to pay for a forum upgrade. Contact Me if you're interested. If I get that upgrade, I'll put significant resources of my own into promoting the forum -- KN@PPSTER]

I’m not especially interested in turning the 125 x 125 “button ads” in the sidebar here at KN@PPSTER dot biz into straight revenue sources. I’m perfectly happy just using them to promote my own affiliate/referral opportunities. But hey, I’m also usually willing to make a deal!

So … whaddaya got?

The main kind of deal I’m interested in is provision of prizes for our monthly drawings on the KN@PPSTER dot biz List. If you operate a traffic exchange or other program, I’ll gladly trade an ad for a start page, a credit package, an upgrade, that kind of thing … and then I’ll use that prize to promote you! (and me).

Alternatively, I might accept one of those same things for my personal use in exchange for a button ad.

And cash, well, cash is always great.

Contact Me and we can find out what we’ve got to offer each other!

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