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As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a new traffic exchange in town. I didn’t name it or link it then, because I wanted to give my list members first shot at it and offer them some prizes for joining as my referral (I gave away more than 1,000 traffic exchange credits, btw … if you’re an action-taker, you can make out like a bandit by filling out that subscription form in the sidebar!).

Now that my list referral contest is over, I can tell you a little about WebsiteBlaze, the new exchange from well-known Internet Marketer Sean Supplee:


I’m not going to throw a bunch of hype at you: WebsiteBlaze isn’t “totally unique” or “a giant leap into new traffic exchange territory.”

It’s just a solid (after some rough spots on launch day, that is), graphically clean traffic exchange based on the popular LFMTE script, with one “twist” — it integrates “article marketing” by allowing members to upload their own articles and read articles by other members.

Free members get a 1:0.4 surf ratio (it may be “progressive” beyond that, but don’t bet the ranch on it, I’m just guessing); upgraded members get 1:1.

How will WebsiteBlaze perform over the long term? Based on Supplee’s reputation and the fact that the site overcame the launch day hits and got back in action ASAP, I’m guessing that it will still be around, with a stable/growing membership, a year from now.

Congratulations to Sean on getting the new site up and running. Check it out!

The disappearance of Super Surf left a gaping hole in my traffic exchange routine. That old surf club, a cooperative thing between the group that became Timtech and the group that was and remains Kinder-Rash, disappeared a few months ago (“technical reasons” is the Kinder-Rash line, my line is that it was a TDM* by the TimTech guys).

Anyway, a week or so ago, TimTech announced Nerd Surf — surf Sweeva, StartXChange, I Love Hits and their newly-acquired Thumbvu simultaneously, and you get a 10% bump on the ol’ surf ratio. Just like Super Surf, only all TimTech.

Now Kinder-Rash is up with Commando Surf – an awesome 30% bump (at least for now) for simultaneously surfing three of their exchanges (Traffic-Splash, Dragon Surf and Tezak Traffic Power), plus a rotating featured “guest exchange.”

So on surf clubs, we were down by one for awhile (my favorite club, Elite Surf Club, which doesn’t require simultaneous surfing but simply gives you a surf ratio bump next week if you meet certain minimums this week, never went away) and now we’re up by one. Cool beans.

One interesting thing resulting from the TimTech/Kinder-Rash divorce is that both groups are now free to run their surf clubs through their own flagship programs: Nerd Surf relies on ClickTrackProfit for its syncing functions; Commando Surf ties in to TE Command Post. So we get two new surf clubs out of the loss of one, and each of these companies gets the brand identification that comes with a proprietary, rather than joint venture, club.


* Total Dick Move

Catherine D. White (call her Cathy) has just launched (less than an hour ago!) Hot Flash Hits. Nice script (LFMTE), smooth surfing, very reasonable “one-time offer” on first login. Check it out!

I normally don’t get excited about site “re-launches.” Usually they just amount to an added bell or whistle or two and a lot of ballyhoo. So when I heard that ListSurfing was “re-launching,” I just yawned. It was already a great mash-up of traffic exchange and safelist. What could they really add to that?

How about Thumbvu-style “pick your poison” surfing, instead of the old “icon surf bar?”

How about Sweeva-like sidebar chat and site feedback?

How about the complete complement of social hooks, and incorporation of your opt-in form into your profile?

It’s not just a “re-launch,” it’s a complete rebuild, from the ground up. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the defining characteristic, the best part — surfing doesn’t just get you site views, it gets you safelist-style mailing credits.

The only thing I don’t like about the ListSurfing re-launch is that you’re forced to sit through their “one-time offer” videos instead of being allowed to move on if you’re just not interested. Not cool. But everything else about it is way cool. Check it out.



I love surf clubs — work particular groups of exchanges, rack up bonus credits. I surf the Elite Surf Club traffic exchanges (Blue Surf, Royal Surf and Traffic Witch) daily, and the disappearance of Super Surf (a collaboration between StartXChange, I Love Hits, Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf and Traffic Dealer) awhile back left a surf-500-sites hole in my daily routine.

Now TimTech is back with “son of Super Surf”: Nerd Surf! Like Super Surf, Nerd Surf is a “sync”-style club — you have to surf four exchanges at the same time, and when you do you get a 10% bump at each of them. Just look for the pair of “nerd glasses” in the surf bar — if all four sites are open and those glasses are green, you’re earning extra credits for surfing. If not, click on the glasses to find out what the problem is.

The four exchanges: Sweeva, StartXChangeI Love Hits, and TimTech’s newest acquisition, ThumbVu.

Naturally, Nerd Surf has a ClickTrackProfit tie-in — your CTP username is part of what it uses to detect whether or not you’re surfing all four exchanges. That’s sweet for people marketing CTP itself, because it means a new wave of customers who weren’t enticed by the initial opportunity or by the opportunity to collect badges, but who love them some bonus credits. They may click on your CTP splash to get started, or you may get random referrals if you’re upgraded at CTP.

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