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We bought Traffic Visions from Cheryl Biggs (you probably know her from Spotlight Exchange and Adventure Advertising Center, two fine LFMTE-based traffic exchanges) about a year ago. The exchange was very nicely designed and well-maintained, but Cheryl didn’t have time to run three and she decided to let this small AMCS exchange go for a price we couldn’t resist (we had been thinking about opening an auto-surf site, and here came a lovely “hybrid” manual/auto TE out of the blue …).

This first year has been a time of experimentation — trying to get the manual/auto mix just right so as to produce good results for all our members, determine reasonable upgrade benefits and price points, etc.

As you might guess from last week’s posts on changes at Big Bad Hits, we’ve decided to make some fairly large changes at Traffic Visions as well:

  • We’ve lowered our upgrade prices and gone to “yearly only” upgrades at a value price point you may need to look twice at to believe: $9.77 per year (a little over 80 cents per month!) for our “Visionary” upgrade and $19.77 per year for our “Business Class” upgrade (the main difference between the two upgrades is that the “Business Class” member gets more bonus credits each month … a LOT more credits than the $10 price difference would buy!).
  • Because we’ve simplified our book-keeping by switching to yearly upgrades, we can also go from one-time “cash bonuses” for referral upgrades to regular commissions: 10% for free members, 20% for Visionary members, 30% for Business Class members. Those are the same commission rates as we pay on “inside sales” (credits, start pages and so forth).
  • Because auto-surf is such a huge part of our traffic delivery, we have radically cut our credit prices to put them in the auto-surf, rather than manual surf, price range (but we’ll continue to encourage manual surf with frequent surf promos, cash surfing, etc. to make those credits an even better deal!).
  • Even our free members are getting a little something: All membership levels now surf a 5-second clock in manual surf instead of shortening the clock from 7 seconds to 6 seconds to 5 seconds as you move up the membership levels.


Two years of statistics and results analysis at Big Bad Hits and one year’s worth at Traffic Visions have convinced us that our market niche — and the place where we can effectively grow our exchanges — is the “value for price” end of the traffic exchange world. We keep our bottom line reasonable enough that we can offer very low prices and still remain in the black (while presumably “making bigger profits on volume” as discerning surfers notice our two little AMCS gems and join them).

Not a member at Traffic Visions yet? Click the banner to join!

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There seem to be as many opinions about “surfing for cash” as there are sites that offer it in some form.

We’ve never had the desire to turn Big Bad Hits into an “all cash surfing all the time” site, for several reasons.

One reason is that offering cash all the time tends to attract cheaters, “I’m just here for the nickel” surfers, etc., which creates all sorts of admin work (e.g. tracking down the botnauts and banning them) on one end and would probably negatively impact our real target membership’s results.

Another related reason is that other outfits — in particular Cash Surfing Network — have already figured out how to do “cash surfing all the time” in a big way. We love those guys and their sites and their cash surfing, but that’s simply not the ground we’d choose to compete on. To put it as simply as possible, we’d lose.

So: We have occasional cash surfing for all our members — usually in conjunction with some other promotion. It’s not huge cash and it’s not frequent enough to keep us high on the cheaters’ and “just here for the nickel” crowd’s radar. It’s just a little extra fun and a bit of an incentive.

And now we have Your Two Cents for our upgraded members. As you can tell from the name, that’s not big money either — two cents a day (a penny at 101 sites, another penny at 202 sites).

The idea of Your Two Cents is that we really want to keep our paying customers engaged and give them a little something back … without requiring or encouraging “mega-surfing.” If someone really wanted to work it as a “money-maker,” they could pay themselves back about 1/3 of the cost of their upgrade over the course of a year, without having to click their fingers off every day.

If we keep it for a year, that is. At this point it’s an experiment. Whether or not we keep it as a permanent upgraded member benefit depends on the participation and feedback we get.

Personally, I’m optimistic. I think that having our upgraded members surfing a reasonable amount on a more frequent basis will be a good thing for everyone (our free members don’t get this particular cash, but what they do get is eyeballs on their ads from people who buy things).

Hey, I could be wrong. But the next “big change” — and big challenge — at Big Bad Hits is to figure out how to do “cash surfing” and do it right. If you’re not one of our members yet, come by and see us!

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Date: July 4, 2013
Sites: 10 sites — see below
Surf Requirement: 237 at each site (surf all 10 to dectuple your chances of winning!)
Prizes: $10 cash prize at each site, plus additional prizes at site owners’ discretion

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I’m usually not a huge “traffic co-op” guy, because the hits cost more than I like to pay. Some co-ops charge more than the a la carte price per hit at the exchanges they use. Others have reasonable discount pricing, but only for large buys.

On the other hand, a good co-op can be a key factor in promoting your product, service, opportunity or site. There are too many traffic exchanges out there to keep up with by surfing, and coordinating a la carte buys for maximum exposure is pretty difficult.

I’m a fan of John Bell’s Explosive Traffic for several reasons, all related to the above:

  • Right now, ET lists 3,727 traffic sources. That’s a pretty wide net to cast — and when I look at where the traffic is actually coming from (there’s a nice, detailed dashboard), I see sources that I definitely want to be advertising on but don’t have time to surf.
  • The hits are affordable. I can earn them “free” by running the ET rotator myself (on my own site or using credits at TEs I do surf), or buy them for a very reasonable price.

But among holiday season deals, I have to say that this one takes the cake — the price isn’t just “reasonable,” it’s insanely great. Through December 17th, Bell is offering an Explosive Traffic upgrade for $3 a month … and it comes with 1,000 hits a month. Oh, and 50% commissions. Oh, and a better “run the rotator to earn hits” ratio.

There aren’t many traffic exchanges where you can get a thousand hits for three bucks, unless you’re buying large numbers at once, so this is a fantastic deal even before you count the other benefits. If you’re already a free member at  Explosive Traffic, I strongly suggest taking advantage of this offer. If you’re not a member yet, it’s time to expand your online promotion presence on the cheap!

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Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. … Projection can also be established as a means of obtaining or justifying certain actions that would normally be found atrocious or heinous. This often means projecting false accusations, information, etc., onto an individual for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-created illusion. [Wikipedia]

‘Nuf said.

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